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Raising a Ruckus! February 5, 2013

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This weekend has been pretty interesting. Mawmaw and Pawpaw have been raising quite the ruckus around the country. THE COUNTRY!! It started last month when their school/church registered with the Wounded Warrior Project. They were going to have kids from the school and church members bring in money for the whole month of February. They had big aspirations of raising anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. So their school administrator went to the WWP website and registered and started getting things ready for the fundraiser. Then last week, they got a letter from WWP saying that they could not approve this fundraiser because it was “religious in nature.”


Well, Mom & Dad were kind of upset, but figured they would just cancel everything and sent out a letter to the school and church saying what had happened. Well several families got very upset and starting posting things on the WWP’s Facebook page. A reporter at Fox News Radio got wind of it and decided to write an article about it. Well that set off a firestorm! The article was on the front page of Foxnews, The Blaze and several other websites. WWP’s Facebook page just blew up! People kept asking why they were refusing the church’s money. Finally on Sunday, WWP started replying to people’s posts with this canned response: “There hasn’t been a change of policy or an exception made. We gratefully accept donations from churches and religious groups, and always have. Yes, we did decline a church group’s fundraising event, but it had absolutely nothing to do with their faith or status as a religious institution. They simply didn’t meet the guidelines that are applicable to all fundraising events.”

What a bunch of hooey! As you can see in the image below, their website does mention that they don’t fundraiser with religious organizations. However, it also says they don’t want fundraisers that are sexual in nature, but had no problem doing a fundraiser at the playboy mansion!


Now today, they are going even further with ridiculous responses on their Facebook page! “There has been so much confusion created by a news article that didn’t take time to get the facts. Yes, we did decline this group’s fundraising event, but it had absolutely nothing to do with their faith or status as a religious institution. They simply didn’t meet the guidelines that are applicable to all fundraising events. We’re so disappointed that such sensationalist misinformation is being spread that it takes away from the true issue- the needs of our wounded veterans and their families.”

The amount of phone calls going to Liberty is out of control. All of the staff is running out of steam and they just want this to die down. I hope it does, but I think WWP is going to be feeling the hurt of diminished donations this month for sure!


Christmas 2012 December 31, 2012

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Another year has come and gone. Christmas came just a few days after the moving truck came. We spent Friday and Saturday unpacking so we could goof off and enjoy Christmas that came on Tuesday.

This years big present to the kids was the smallest. They got 3DSs. We had always said we’d never get them DSs, so they were surprised to get them. Of course, I don’t have a picture of them opening them. But I do have some other pictures.

Here they are patiently waiting to start the present opening process.20121231-154108.jpg

Amelia loved this note from Santa. Apparently, she squealed and ran into to show it to Daddy.20121231-154156.jpg

Amelia (and Jack) got stuffed Angry Birds.20121231-154309.jpg

Here is a present I knew Amelia would like.20121231-154346.jpg

And I was right. She did this makeup herself in case you couldn’t tell.20121231-154422.jpg

Amelia is trying to make her Stompeez slippers pop up. 20121231-154505.jpg

And Jack liked his Star Wars Millennium Falcon.20121231-154611.jpg20121231-154632.jpg

And here is the thing that Jack wanted the most of all. Whenever we would ask him what he wanted the most for Christmas he would rattle off the following, “I want a Fisher Price Imaginext Batcave Playset.” But I think the DS has trumped the Batcave. In this picture he was trying to see if it was taller than him.20121231-164933.jpg

Jack also got this Batman mask.20121231-165107.jpg

Merry Christmas to all!


We made it December 20, 2012

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The moving truck came on Monday of this week.

After a bit of drama, the loading began. It kept on going all day! They finished up around 6 that night. Miriam and the kids came over during that. We had some pizza, ate some Cold Stone and opened presents. Then me and the kids had a sleepover in my empty bedroom.

On Tuesday morning, I took the kids to school, came back home and loaded the Mustang. In fact, I put all of this and myself in that Mustang!! Booyah!

Then I drove back to their school to watch the Christmas chapel. Each grade sang a song. Then I went and got each of them from their classes and we hit the road.

We had to make a stop before we even got off the turnpike because Jack had to go to the bathroom. Then, we stopped shortly after that for lunch. We stopped again at 3 for gas and snacks. There was no more stopping until we got to our house in Marietta. Unfortunatley, were not going to be getting our furniture delivered until tomorrow which is Friday. But speaking of our Marietta house, here it is. We are only renting it so we’ll have to so this moving thing again in 1 or 2 years. Sigh.



One week left December 9, 2012

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Only about 1 week until we move to Atlanta. It’s kind of crazy to think about. Back sometime in August, an old colleague of Daniel’s from KPMG in Jacksonville called him up out of the blue and told him that one of his clients was looking for a tax guy. Daniel told him to give them his info. They called and did a phone interview. Then they wanted to fly him up (to Atlanta, obviously) for a real interview. Since it was almost the September 15th deadline, they had to schedule the interview for September 18. It felt like forever to wait 3 weeks for that interview. During all of that though, the company (Jamestown) would never give him any info on what his salary would be. That was kind of frustrating, since we didn’t want to waste their time if the salary would be less than what Daniel was currently making.

Anyway, the 18th finally came and Daniel had about 7 interviews in the space of 5 hours or so. Shortly after he got home, we went on our annual Sanibel vacation. We had a nice relaxing time all the while thinking about this potential job offer in the back of our minds! The Monday after we got back was October 1 and this job was on the forefront of our minds still. There was another wrinkle in all of this. A guy Daniel used to work with at CNL is the CFO at a company in Daytona. Earlier this year, this guy had mentioned a possible job opportunity with his company. Daniel had also been talking with him in September to find out more about this job. So on October 1, Daniel called this guy to see if he had any kind of offer forthcoming. He never called back. Jamestown did and matched Daniel’s salary (slight raise, actually). So we were Atlanta bound!

Daniel started the job on November 5, but the kids and I had to wait until school was out for them before we could move. That date is 10 days away now. The moving van comes on the 17th and the kids and I head out when they get out at noon on the 18th. It’s going to be an adventure for sure!


Unexpected solo December 6, 2012

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About a week ago, Amelia told me she was going to have a solo in the childrens choir at church. But she wasn’t sure when her solo was going to be. Last night we knew the kids were singing in church, but when I asked them what they were singing, they couldn’t remember. So we went to church and I dropped them off at choir. As I was heading to church, I met their choir director and she said, “Whew, I’m so glad you’re here tonight. I meant to call you all week, but never did. Amelia’s got her solo tonight.” Apparently she got the solo because she was the only one who knew all of the words to the second verse of Away in a Manger. So without further adieu, here is Amelia’s solo:


Hello my name is…. December 4, 2012

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Rachel and this is my blog… that I haven’t updated in 3 years!!!!!! I was looking at some links on my computer that I hardly ever use for internet anymore and came across this blog. Then I got sucked in reading all of my old posts. And I realized how fun it was to read all of that old info that I thought was boring when I wrote about it. I had forgotten about a lot of the things I wrote.

And here we are 3 years later. My babies are 5 & 7 and in school. And we are about to move to Atlanta!! I’m going to write more on this thing and I’m not going to beat myself up when I forget to write. But I have an app on my ipad now that will hopefully allow me to update more frequently.


Do you love Lucy? December 20, 2009

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We do!! Lucy is our new dog! I still can’t believe that we got a dog. 2 weeks ago, we went up to Deltona and visited Gisele, who is The Dog Liberator. We were really just going to see the different dogs that she had with no intention of actually adopting one that day. But Lucy had other ideas. When she first came out to see us, she was a bit nuts and crazy. Our first thoughts were that there was no way we could adopt her because she’d be too crazy for Amelia (who is pretty much petrified of dogs). But about 20 minutes later after investigating every inch of the house, she came right over to Daniel and me, sat right down and waited to be petted. So we changed our minds then and wound up going home with a 2 year old Border Collie in tow!

The kids weren’t too sure about her at first, but by the next day, Amelia was letting Lucy lick her. It was crazy. Kind of like Amelia just knew that Lucy wasn’t going to hurt her.

Here’s a picture of the pretty girl herself:

And here are some pics of Amelia and Lucy:

Lucy was rescued in Alabama by a trucker and then made her way down here shortly after that. So we really don’t know much about her past, but she is a pretty smart little girl. So far, she has learned to sit, shake and has almostĀ mastered laying down. She’s also going to doggy school at Petsmart with me. The kids love her and so do we.